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Federal Security Clearances

House Oversight Investigation On February 11, Rep. Darrell Issa's House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform published a staff report entitled, "Slipping Through the Cracks: How the D.C. Navy Yard Shooting Exposes Flaws in the Federal Security Clearance Process."  In the report, the Committee reviews findings and recommendations from its investigation of the clearance review process conducted following the September 16, 2013, shooting by a security clearance holder at the Washington, D.C., Navy Yard.  The Committee identifies five potential legislative improvements to the clearance review process:
  • Continuous evaluation of the clearance holder;
  • Incorporating Internet and social media sources into the review;
  • Strengthening communication between adjudicators and investigators;
  • Increasing mental health evaluations; and
  • Increasing cooperation from state and local law enforcement.
The report's release coincided with a Committee hearing on the topic, officially...