Background Screening Services

First Intelligence Group (FIG) is a national provider of comprehensive background screening solutions. Our services are the result of our emphasis on compliance, accuracy, technology, and feature industry-best practices and processes. Based upon your organization’s account-specific guidelines, we will also customized reporting to ensure your screening program matches your organization’s specific goals and objectives.


Ordering and receiving reports has never been easier. First Intelligence Group's reporting services are available via a few different platforms and are accessed based upon the service level you desire. We offer 24/7 online access and Concierge Service with 1 click package selection. See our background screening solutions for the most common background screening processing programs we offer.

The determinants in choosing which method is best for your organization are: the purpose for running a background checks on a given individual(s); what group of people you will be running checks on; the volume and or frequency of reporting required, and your internal organizational resources.

Web Based Solutions

24/7 Web-based Background Screening System

Our web-based technology for submission and retrieval of background screening reports offers a one click single-point solution for all your background screening needs.  In addition to 24/7 access, you have the convenience of real-time updates, consolidated reporting, and 1 click report ordering. This enables you to make informed decisions faster. Furthermore, this web-based solution does not require the installation of any software.

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