Post-Employment Screening

While pre-employment screening plays a critical role in helping to protect companies from dishonest employees, too few realize that post employment screening, conducted at regular intervals throughout an employee's term of tenure, is equally as important in protecting company assets.

An employer might start his or her life with a company with a clean criminal record and the correct qualifications, but what guarantee does a company have that this will always remain the case?

An employee with several years of work experience is rarely, if ever, checked out as a potential security risk, yet the empirical evidence is overwhelming that serious fraud is committed by people in important positions which they have held over long periods of time. These same individuals often work their way up the corporate ladder through promotions and assignments of greater responsibility.

There are legal issues at play as well, which makes it illegal to dismiss someone just because they have acquired a criminal record, unless it is directly specific to the job they hold.

However, post-employment screening allows employees to quantify the risk to which they are exposed, and then to manage that risk. "Regular credit checks, sudden judgments, and criminal convictions are all developments which a prudent and responsible employer should be aware of.

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