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National CheckThis is a powerful, multi-jurisdictional national criminal database containing a search of more than 450 million criminal records from state and county criminal records. Records are compiled from counties, Department of Corrections (DOC), Administration of the Court (AOC), and state sex offender registries from across the country. Also included in each search are national and international terrorism sources such as Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). This search further includes the National Sex & Violent Offender Database and the Foreign Nationals Database. To maintain FCRA & State compliance, all “hits” are validated at the source with identity verification and final disposition status.


Mag GlassA rapid-return report of information from a specific state’s courts and agencies. Sources include Department of Corrections, Administration of the Court, county courts and sex offender registries, including the National Sex & Violent Offender Database. A statewide search will yield information for all counties in a given state. While all counties report to the state level, there can be times where a conviction has been recorded at the county level, but not elevated to the state level. In those instances, we strongly recommend you conduct a county or multi-county criminal history search.


A County Criminal Search is one of the most accurate sources for discovering criminal records. A criminal record search in any U.S. County, via the Clerk of Courts Office in the specific county responsible for the applicant's current or former resident and/or work addresses. Searches are conducted for felony and misdemeanors involving statutory offenses and often go back a minimum of 7 years depending on where the applicant has worked or lived. Multiple names and/or addresses require separate searches. Results take longer but searches are more in-depth and detailed.


A federal criminal search reveals criminal complaints brought by the U.S. government against defendants for violations of federal criminal law. Federal criminal searches are conducted by searching US District Court Indices similar to the same way as a county criminal history. Crimes reported in a federal criminal record include only those offenses that are federally prosecuted (violations of federal law as enforced by the FBI, DEA, ATF) as opposed to local and state law. Federal violations will generally not appear in either a county or a statewide criminal check, and offenses can include kidnapping, drug trafficking, interstate transportation of stolen goods, bank robbery, and embezzlement.


National security and terrorist watchlists include information about individuals and corporations linked to terrorism or terrorist activity. Also included are those that have been debarred, denied, sanctioned, or are listed on exclusion, most wanted, fugitive lists, and more.

First Intelligence Group’s National Security Report represents a comprehensive search of databases maintained by national and international security and law enforcement agencies. like the Office of Foreign Assets Control, National Sex & Violent Offender Database, Foreign Nationals Database, Interpol, DEA, FBI Most Wanted, United Nations and European Union Sanctions Lists, Canadian Sanctions List, MIPT Terrorism Watch list, Immigration and Customs Enforcement—Most Wanted and many more.


SexOffenderConvicted sex offenders must register their residence and other information. Although this is a requirement of a national law, the registries are maintained by each state. Our Sex Offender Search accesses these state registries and Native American tribal records.


First Intelligence Group’s Continuous Monitoring Screening is a highly-advanced post-hire screening solution that monitors enrolled employees on an ongoing basis, alerting you to new criminal record information as well as changes to existing records.

Employers rely upon Continuous Monitoring Screening to proactively identify risk post-hire and to reduce their exposure to liability.

The Intelligence Continuous Screening solution set includes nine unique product offerings, providing virtually limitless flexibility to build a custom monitoring solution around what's important to you. Available First Intelligence Group Screening solutions include National Criminal Information Scan®, real time arrest record information through Intelligence Alert™ and seven other powerful business intelligence and risk mitigation services.

Using Intelligence Continuous Monitoring Screening, employers can proactively identify factors, that increase their risk to negligent retention claims, workplace violence, loss due to internal shrinkage and public embarrassment through negative publicity.


Using our Intelligence Alert Report early warning report, Clients know about an arrest within minutes. This service accesses real time arrest information from jurisdictions across the country, along with tens of millions of historical incarceration and booking records representing nearly three quarters of the jail population. Alert reports are updated within minutes of an arrest, providing the timeliest insight into criminal incident information currently available.



SocSecCardsProvides insight into applicant’s residency and movement patterns by returning full name, age and DOB, a complete address history, including dates and phone numbers at listed addresses. As an additional barrier to identity theft, data is crosschecked through the Social Security Death Index, which is designed to prevent stealing of a deceased person’s identity.


First Intelligence Group’s name and address tracker is a powerful investigative tool that may provide information on an individual's name history, present and past addresses and movement patterns based upon the applicant's Social Security Number. This report verifies individuals’ past addresses, resident jurisdictions and movement patterns searching billions of records including multiple bureau sources, resulting in the most complete compilation of current and historical data available.

The result is a report that details all available names, aliases, nick names, maiden names, and addresses associated with the SSN. This information establishes an investigative starting point that can be used to develop possible names and addresses not provided on the application on which additional criminal history searches can be conducted.



TruckA Motor Vehicle Record history for the state in which the individual holds a license is necessary for those who drive company vehicles or for those who drive their own vehicles on company business. Our searches compile information from an individual state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Reports access 3-7 years of license data (depending on the state) and will include such information as license status, suspensions or revocations, moving violations, DUIs, point accumulation, chargeable accidents, court appearances and departmental actions. Motor Vehicle Report fees are subject to individual state charges.


A search of the databases maintained by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators to ensure single license issuance nationwide. This enables employers to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirements and helps eliminate a candidate who does not hold a valid Commercial Driver’s license. It provides name, DOB, S.S. # match, AKA information, present jurisdictional state and license number and up to three previously held CDL numbers.



CertificateOur employment verification specialist will contact the employer to verify information reported by the employee on a job application or résumé. Our specialist check previous employers’ records and conducts interviews with past supervisors/Human Resources to obtain a comprehensive evaluation of work history and capabilities. Information obtained via interview includes, but is not limited to, dates of employment, job position, reason for leaving, and eligibility for rehire.


A verification specialist contacts the school, college, university, or other educational institution or agency that granted the degree or certificate. The education verification report will include dates of attendance, degree, major or program, and graduation date, if applicable. (A signed Disclosure and Release Form is required to run this report.)


This provides applicant credit history, including identifying information, public records, outstanding debt, payment history, loans and mortgages, late payments and defaults, and credit inquiries. (A signed Disclosure and Release Form is required to run this report and may not be permissible in certain states.)


A verification specialist will contact the personal and professional references provided by the applicant and ask questions pertaining to the reference’s relationship with the applicant, length of time known, any joint work experiences, and overall character of the applicant.


First Intelligence Group can contact both business and personal references to obtain a more subjective look than provided from the employment verification. Reference checks can help you confirm personal qualities such as dependability, integrity, character, and work ethic, all essential attributes needed to hire the best-fit employee.


Based on the information provided by the applicant, we can contact the appropriate state agencies and verify the type of certification, issuing state or agency, and date of issuance and expiration if applicable, as well as comments, honors, or actions related to the certification.


FIRST INTEL’S GROUP MEDICAL REPORTING SOLUTIONSThese searches provide background data on individuals and organizations in the healthcare industries and meet the requirements for screening by the Office of Inspector General's Compliance Program. Our reports examines multiple state and federal sources to assist in the identification of health care providers who may have histories of federal or state-level disciplinary actions or disqualifications, or may otherwise place your organization at increased risk. Information is obtained from federal sources:

  • OIG (Office of Inspector General) Sanctions List
  • GSA (General Services Administration) Sanctions List
  • FDA (Federal Drug Administration) - FDA Debarment, Disqualified and Restricted List
  • DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) Registration Check
  • TRICARE (Formally CHAMPUS)
  • American Board of Medical Specialties Certification Check
  • AMA (American Medical Association Listing)
  • FSMB (Federation of State Medical Boards) Physicians Profile
  • State Board License Verification Search
  • National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB)

You may already have access to some of these sources but you might want to consider sending these searches to us so they are consolidated and included in one comprehensive background report. This saves you time and resources, and puts all your applicant’s background material in one document.


Available by state, this search provides information on Workers’ Compensation claims history. The reports include concise information from Report of Injury and Court Contested Claims. They may include privately reported information in some states. A typical report shows the date of injury, employer at time of incident, time lost, type of injury, body part and any job-related disability.



HomeThis report provides all information included in the Employment Credit Report, plus a FICO score—a quick snapshot of risk. FICO scores are based on the best-known and most widely used credit score model in the country and are used widely by banks and other institutions to make informed lending decisions. (A signed Disclosure and Release Form is required to run this report and may not be permissible in certain states.)


First Intelligence Group tenant screening provides actionable intelligence derived from tens of millions of landlord-tenant records, delivering critical information not available through credit reports alone. Searches reveal evictions, liens and judgments filed from either a single state or from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, including statewide and county eviction records. This report empowers property owners and managers to protect their investment while greatly reducing the time required to identify and place qualified residents. (Top)


First Intelligence Group has the ability to handle all of your global screening needs around the world at an affordable price. Reporting available for more than 250 countries. Please contact us at for more information.


This search helps discover whether your applicant has sued former employers or has been sued for reasons that are relevant to employment.

This search should be approached with prudence for it does have limitations. Civil records can be challenging because the record may not be associated with any county where a person has lived or work due the nature of the rules on where civil cases can be filed. Civil cases can also be filed in both federal court and county courts. Many cases settle, and jury verdicts or written Court decision only apply to a small percentage of civil cases that are filed. If the case has been settled out of court, details may not be in the court file.

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