Pre-Employment Screening

Having the right strategy to reach your company goals is the key to corporate planning and management. Finding the right talent for the right position is a key part of the strategy.

The results from the background checking process will contribute to the overall health and growth of your business. Conducting a thorough pre-employment background check also demonstrates your due diligence, which can protect your company in the event of a liability lawsuit.

Call on our experience and know-how to achieve your company goals.

We help you answer the critical questions?

  • Should we hire this individual?
  • Should we grant access to sensitive information?
  • Perform service in our customers' home?
  • Drive company vehicles?
  • Do their credentials stack up?
  • Be promoted?

First Intel Group will do this by:

  • Verifying  a job applicant’s identity with pre-employment screening background check
  • Provide you with complete confidence in knowing exactly who you’re hiring 100% of the time, including any past criminal history using the same resources as law enforcement agencies
  • Provide complete employment history, including current employment, past employment, job performance, current and salary history, reference letter verification, reason for leaving, and whether your applicant left previous employment on good terms
  • Verifying the education level, qualifications, and licenses and industry certifications your applicant claims.
  • Provide job applicant’s driving records, military service records, credit history, and previous Workers Compensation claims, and more

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